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The Endwar Biathlon (named in honor of the birthday girl, Nora Endwar Seymour) is a run-bike-run event that some idiots take too seriously but most people recognize as the goof that it is.  The grand prize (an “engraved” cup that you get to display in your home for a full year!!) goes to the individual or team whose time is closest to the average for all finishers.  All times are averaged together, including those who did not do the optional second run.  (This way both the slower and the faster have a chance to be Most Average.)  You may compete as an individual or a team (the largest team ever was 5 people).  In 2001, the largest field, there were 65 contestants on 35 teams and the times (on the original course) ranged from 34 to 69 minutes (and almost everyone had a wonderful time). 


The course consists of...


2K Run/Walk (choice of out and back on the road or out and then back via trail)

~10K Bike (two laps around a loop)

Optional:  2K Run/Walk (repeat first Run/Walk course)


Here is a link to Google Maps so you can see the neighborhood...


Run 1:  Start at end of Saddlebrook cul-de-sac, up the hill (ouch!) to Mill St., turn right and run to Sherborn Town Forest driveway.  Then either turn right and return via woods trail or U-turn and return to cul-de-sac via road.

Bike:  Mount bike at the end of the Saddlebrook Rd. cul-de-sac up to Mill St. and turn right (carefully, watching out for cars), then turn right onto Hollis, turn right onto Ash, turn right onto Woodland, turn right onto Mill (carefully again - very easy to go into oncoming lane if you are going fast - ask me how I know!), go past Saddlebrook, do the loop again, then turn into Saddlebrook on the second lap and finish at the end of the cul-de-sac.

Optional Run 2:  Same as Run 1.  Bring your ID to the keg.

Participants must wear a helmet while bicycling (optional running and not recommended) and there is no drafting or tripping.  Open containers are discouraged unless they contain water.  The streets have potholes and the turns onto Mill are treacherous so be careful.  We will have someone monitoring the Saddlebrook exit onto Mill and you must obey their directions if told to wait (car coming). 

The Natick course record for men is 33:20 (Andrew Wagner, 2009), for women is 38:03 (Tina Connolly, 2008) and for a team is 32:17 (Anya Price/Rich Tullie/Ryan Ringer, 2009).

The Sherborn course record for men is 38:27 (Andrew Wagner, 2014), for women is 43:04 (Devin Nadar, 2014).  The record for the bike course is 20:02 (Stuart Brown, 2011).