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Sure, the whole party is named after the Biathlon but that's not all that happens!   There are lots of other things going on, including...

Free Throw Contest:  This one is a little up in the air since the hoop fell over (Turbo peed on the base and rusted it out).  So maybe contestants shoot a qualifying round of ten shots during the afternoon (you can shoot a few practice shots and start when one goes in so everyone gets at least one).  Then the top two or three (or four if the host is fourth) qualifiers get into the finals.  There are classes for male and female.
50 Yard Dash:  Even the adults usually can figure this one out.  You run…50 yards.  Classes for each age and gender starting at 2.  But sometimes there aren’t enough to make a race so we combine.  And sometimes we use grade instead of age.  But the course is always 50 yards.  And yes there is the “Drink, Drop and Run” but we really don’t approve of it.  And the latest addition is the 50 Yard Dog Dash.
Ping Pong Tournament:  New in 2010 and very popular.  Single elimination bracket format.  Sign up at the beginning of the day and pay attention because you have two minutes to show up after your play time is called or you will forfeit.

Cornhole Contest:  New in 2014.  Similar to Free Throw Contest in that there is a qualifying round, then a Finals.  Teams of two people.  And yes, some of us thought Cornhole meant something else but we're trying to stay current.  Beer Pong is so yesterday, by the way.